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Ready Set Learn Early Childhood Learning Center Gallery
We have a small garden where we grow fruits and veggies. The garden enables us to introduce many ideas and concepts including colors, what plants need to grow,  root systems and what's happening underground, seasons and growth, sensory experiences and more! 
Our pre-K class celebrated the end of summer school with an ice cream-themed day! They used tweezers and small tongs to put "sprinkles" on each ice cream cone to correspond with the number on each cone! This activity practices many skills including fine motor practice, sight-identification of numbers, counting skills, hand-eye coordination and sticking to a task when difficult or time-consuming. At the end of the day the class got to make home-made ice cream as a special treat:) 
Our Solar System theme was a huge hit as always! The classes learned about the number of planets, their names and defining characteristics, and their order from the sun! They also participated in activities about gravity, space travel, atmosphere, moon phases, moon craters, earth/sun/moon rotation and orbiting plus what foods are eaten by astronauts in space! 
Another fun end-of-the-summer theme was watermelon! We explored the watermelon with our 5 senses, compared heavy versus light and hypothesized why watermelons vary in weight and size, used fine motor skills to remove the seeds, counted the seeds, and even made a watermelon volcano using vinegar and baking soda!!
To celebrate the 4th of July our 3's/4's class learned all about the Statue of Liberty! We looked at a map to see where New York is located, discussed what the Statue represents, where it came from, the color, and the size! The class decorated their very own Statue's of Liberty to display!
Water Play! Each summer we plan water-play days where kiddos wear their swim-gear and enjoy a splashing good time:) We have water tables, sprinklers, splash pads and even toys frozen in blocks of ice for the students to enjoy!
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As part of our Earth Day celebrations our pre-K class used natural materials to spell the word "earth". The class went on a nature walk around the playground to find flowers, leaves, twigs, and grass. They used the materials to spell each letter. This type of activity allows children explore the natural world, practices fine motor skills, letter identification and early reading skills!